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Abort Naturally

Pregnancy is really blissful to females willing to be moms. However, it becomes a matter of concern for some of you when it occurs without any plan or you are not physically, mentally, or financially ready for it. You can terminate your unwanted or unplanned pregnancy if you don’t want to carry it or give birth to a child. 

When you decide to abort, you have two options - medical abortion and sergical abortion (clinical abortion). To terminate an early pregnancy, medical abortion is the first and foremost option you should opt for. In this, you have to buy and take an MTP kit as per your doctor’s prescription and instructions within 24 hours at your home. For clinical or surgical abortion, you have to stay at a clinic or hospital. 

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Apart from the above two options, there are certain ways to abort naturally. Many couples, especially females, love to abort naturally. However, you should consult your doctor before applying any remedies to terminate your pregnancy. Here are some of them for your information:


Rich in vitamin A, iron, potassium, magnesium, this fruit is highly acknowledged for its nutritional value. Usually, older females and medical experts ask pregnant women to avoid eating ripe or unripe papaya. You can eat it when you want to terminate your unwanted pregnancy. 

Due to high levels of oxytocin and prostaglandin, papaya trigger labour contractions. And the presence of papain enzymes accelerates the production of oestrogen and lowers the production of progesterone. The decreased level of progesterone hinders the pregnancy process. Consuming ripe or unripe papaya is effective in terminating pregnancy.   

Sesame Seeds 

Sesame seeds are a rich source of amino acid, proteins, calcium, iron, and several vitamins. Consuming these seeds in the morning for a fews days after soaking the same in water can help you abort naturally. You can take a handful of sesame seeds a day for desired results. 


Highly rich in vitamin C, consuming this fruit is effective in terminating a pregnancy naturally. To get the desired result, you should eat green and unripe pineapples in the early days of your pregnancy. Consuming its large amount softens your cervix and makes you bleed, leading you to have an abortion naturally. 

Banana Leaves and Acacia Pods 

You need to take banana leaf shoots and acacia seeds in an equal amount. Dry and grinder them to make powder. You should consume a teaspoon of this powder with hot water and sugar to terminate your unwanted pregnancy. 

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It is one of highly popular and loved spices. Its consumption in the early days of pregnancy could lead you to have bleeding and uterine contraction. And it results in abortion. You can consume it as a supplement or in powder form with water. 

Sexual Intercourse

Having physical intimacy and orgasms several times a day in the initial stage of pregnancy can make you abort it. To terminate your unwanted pregnancy, you must sex multiple times a day. 

Other remedies 

To abort naturally, you can try other options like acupuncture, massage, hot showers, and workouts of high intensity in the initial days of pregnancy. 


The above-mentioned ideas can help you abort naturally if you have an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. These ideas are scientifically not proven. So, you should consult a gynaecologist/respective doctor before using any method to terminate your pregnancy.