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Safe Abortion

An abortion is a medical process to terminate a pregnancy if it is unplanned/unwanted or not healthy for a female due to medical conditions like uterus abnormalities. In today’s world, having an abortion is safe and convenient. However, it is surrounded with many myths. And Is it safe to more than one abortion is an exmplample of myths around it. 

It is not known where abortion myths come from. However, it crucial for you to know the truths around abortion myths if you are looking for an abortion for the second or third time. Knowing the process, safety, and effectiveness can help you stay away from abortion myths. 

More than one abortion 

As per the World Health Organisation, approximately 45% of abortions are unsafe and around 97% of such cases take place in developing countries. Having an abortion is safe if a female gets it done with a help of a highly experienced and skilled doctor at a registered abortion clinic. 

In the United Kingdom (UK), approximately 1 in 3 females with a uterus has an abortion. And around the third of such females goes through abortion for more than one time. In the United States of America (USA), approximately 50% of females looking for an abortion have had already an abortion. 

Why do females need to have more than one abortion?

There are numerous reasons behind it. Some of them are as follows:

  • Failure of the previous abortion 

  • A lack of access to have it at the right time 

  • Disruptive life events 

  • Failure of contraceptive methods 

  • A lack of comprehensive sex education

  • Sexual violence such as rapes 

  • Change of mind 

Effect of more than one abortion on fertility 

According to a lot of reproductive health experts, having an abortion for the second or thrird time is safe if the first one happened in a safe and comfortable environment. Such an abortion does not leave any bad impact on future fertility and create any medical complications. Approximately 8 days after an abortion, fertility comes back to a female of reproductive age, especially below 35. People looking for abortion more times are more confident in comparison with the first timers. 

Usually, a medical treatment has some risks. However, a medical or surgical abortion does not have any serious health issues. The physical discomforts like vaginal bleeding, cramping, and lower abdominal pain go away within 1-2 days. In most countries, there is no limit on number of abortions for a girl or woman.  

Unintended births vs abortions 

In comparison with abortions, unintended births are more complicated and dangerous for a female. Certain emotional, psychological and probable discomforts are with abortions. However, they are nothing with the one of unintended births. 

Getting pregnant, carrying a pregnancy, and giving birth to a baby successfully make a female go through several physical and psychological changes for a certain period. Some changes or damages are irreparable. As per a few studies, the number of females who die due to unintended pregnancies are higher than the number of females who die from a legal abortion process. 

And looking after a baby requires a huge strain on physical and mental health. It is very tough for couples with lower income or without a supportive team. Children who come from unplanned pregnancies need more medical support and care. And most of them experience poverty and have mental issues. 

What should I do?

As a female willing to terminate pregnancy, you should see a doctor or visit an abortion clinic carefully. Before choosing the one, you should know about the doctor, clinic registration, and available facilities. As far as possible, you should consult a registered and licenced doctor or clinic to have a safe abortion whether it is for the first, second, or third time for you.