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Periods Start After Abortion

Having an abortion is unethical. However, you have to opt for it to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Based on your pregnancy duration/time, your doctor can advise you to have medical abortion or surgical abortion to terminate your unplanned pregnancy. Before going to have an abortion, you have numerous queries in your mind. And the time for the beginning of periods is one of them.  

After the abortion, some of you bleed for 2-6 weeks. Such bleeding is common. It is heavier after the pregnancy termination and gets lighter gradually. As you recover from it, your body starts preparing itself for the first period after an abortion. The time could be several weeks. 

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The time for the start of periods after the abortion depends on the time/duration of your pregnancy. Suppose that you abort in the first trimester of your pregnancy. Your first period after the abortion will start within 4 to 8 weeks. You must consult your doctor if your recovery goes beyond 8 weeks and your period hasn’t started. 

You should keep in mind that pregnancy hormones in your body even after the abortion are high. The higher levels of pregnancy hormones can cause changes in your menstrual cycles. Medical, surgical, or natural abortion does not affect your fertility. So, you can conceive through having unprotected sex during ovulation, usually in the middle of your menstrual cycle.